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senior citizen hugging her dog Photo How Pets Help Senior Citizens

Here's why senior citizens and pets really are the best kind of best friends.

dog in a holiday living room Photo How Do I Prepare My Dog for Holiday Guests?

Here are some tips for making your holiday bash a smash for all involved.

Doodle smiling, showing white teeth Photo A Fresh Perspective: 5 Causes of Bad Doggy Breath

We’re unlocking the mysteries of doggy breath to help your pup to be cuddle ready.

Boston terrier dog playing outside with ball in the mouth Photo Q&A: Keep your dog's brain stimulated

Dr. Leslie explains the necessity of providing your dog with adequate levels of mental stimulation.

Dachshund sleeping on couch with owner, resting his head on her leg Photo Apartment-Friendly Dog Breeds

Small spaces and tight quarters isn’t a fit for every pup. Find apartment-friendly dog breeds.

therapy dog Photo Could Your Dog Be a Therapy Pet?

This line of work calls for a special kind of dog.

German shepherd military dog Photo Four Ways to Support Military Dogs

You too can help give back to the many dogs that serve our country every day, and here are a few ways to do so.

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