A Fresh Perspective: 5 Causes of Bad Doggy Breath

A Fresh Perspective: 5 Causes of Bad Doggy Breath

We’re unlocking the mysteries of doggy breath to help your pup to be cuddle ready.

Your dog isn’t drinking coffee, smoking, or indulging in onion bagels, so where does her bad breath come from? Intense doggy face-cuddles and stinky breath do not mix. Here are some of the major causes of canine bad breath and what you can do to help her breath stay fresh.

Mushy stuff

Your dog may dig wet food, but it’s also more likely to get caught between her teeth and cause buildup of bacteria. Reduce the amount of soft food she eats and substitute it with dry, crunchy fare that won't get stuck as easily.

Plaque attack

Plaque is bacteria that grows on the teeth of both humans and animals. If your dog has stinky breath or particularly off-colored teeth, plaque is likely the culprit.

Rotten to the core

Make it a habit to take a good hard look inside your dog's mouth to check for broken or rotted teeth (caused from diet or injury). A tooth that's in distress can be responsible for a smelly mouth.

No ifs, ands or …

Dogs investigate everything—everything—face first, sometimes sticking tongues and noses in less-than-savory spots. If your pup has foul breath, it could be because you aren't the only thing she’s had face time with lately.

Stealthy unhealthy

In some cases, bad breath can be an indicator of health issues, like gastrointestinal problems or other ailments. If brushing her teeth doesn’t seem to be working, take your pooch to the vet for an extensive examination.

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