Frequently Asked Questions

About Milo's Kitchen

Who is Milo?

Milo isn't a "who" - rather, Milo's Kitchen is the name we've given to our unique line of dog treats. We created Milo's Kitchen because in our kitchen, our dogs deserve only the best. We believe dogs deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that you want with your food. Nothing says "I love you" more than something made with love and care.

What makes Milo's Kitchen® dog treats special?

We started making Milo’s Kitchen dog treats because we believe dogs deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that you want with your food. That's why our treats are 100% real and made with chicken, beef, duck, or sweet potato as the #1 ingredient.

100% Real: What does it mean?

Milo's Kitchen® home-style dog treats are made with high quality ingredients. We believe dogs deserve treats made with the same quality of ingredients and care that you want with your food.

Product Availability

What flavors are available?

Each of our recipes is carefully prepared to bring out all the flavors your dog loves. We make a unique line of mouthwatering varieties for your dog including:
Duck Jerky
Delicious, savory duck slow-cooked to bring out the natural flavors, with a satisfying chewy texture that makes it easy for your dog to savor.
Sweet Potato Slices
100% real sweet potatoes basted with savory chicken broth for delicious flavor and aroma.
Chicken Meatballs
Tender, home-style chicken meatballs cooked to bring out the enticing aroma that your dog will thank you for.
Beef Sausage Slices with Rice
Savory sausage slices with rice, bursting with meaty flavor for the great taste dogs crave.
Steak Grillers Recipe
Delicious, tender strips made with real Angus Steak full of beefy flavor.
Chicken Grillers Recipe
Tender strips that are grilled to perfection for a smoky chicken taste.
Grilled Burger Bites
Delectable home-style burger recipe made with real beef and real pieces of bacon and sweet potato.
Chicken Jerky Strips
A great-tasting, home-style recipe made with real chicken for the best mouthwatering jerky taste.

Where can I buy Milo's Kitchen® dog treats?

Milo's Kitchen® products are widely available nationally at large grocery chains, Walmart®, Target®, PetSmart®, PetCo®, Amazon® and other outlets where you find your favorite dog treats.

What are the sizes available?

Milo's Kitchen® dog treats are available in 3 sizes; weight varies by product.
• Small (2.7−3.0 oz)
• Medium (8.5−10 oz)
• Large (15−22 oz)
• Extra Large (25-30 oz)

Product Information

What's new with the Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Grillers Recipe treats?

The new Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Grillers Recipe treats are made right here in the USA with domestic chicken, and without artificial flavors or colors.
We have been working on our new Chicken Jerky Strips recipe for over a year and we think dogs will love its softer texture, meaty flavor and wholesome ingredients.
Our Chicken Grillers recipe is essentially the same, but we know from talking to devoted pet parents that to them, high-quality products mean treats made right here in the USA.
Both of these recipes replace the chicken treats that were voluntarily removed from shelves in January 2013.
Why are Milo's Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Grillers back on shelves?
We know from talking to our consumers, devoted pet parents, that to them, high quality products mean treats produced right here in the USA, with real chicken or beef as the number one ingredient and containing no artificial flavors or colors.
That's why we have reformulated both our Chicken Jerky Strips and Chicken Grillers to improve the recipes and raise our already-high standards for quality.
Why were they recalled in 2013?
In January of 2013, we chose to stop selling our Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers products after we learned via the NY State Department of Agriculture and Marketing (NYSDAM) of trace amounts of unapproved antibiotic residue in some product lots. While those antibiotics are approved in the EU and elsewhere, we believed those treats were not meeting our high quality standard, so we decided to initiate a voluntary recall. This recall was unrelated to the FDA's ongoing investigation into pet jerky treats. In fact, the FDA points out in their update that they believe the low levels of antibiotics found in the chicken jerky treats were unlikely to cause illness.
What's going on with the FDA Investigation?
On October 22, 2013, the FDA released a progress report on its five-year-old, ongoing investigation into jerky pet treats made in China. Milo's Kitchen does not sell any pet treats that are made in China or that are included in the FDA's ongoing investigation.

Does the FDA's latest February 19, 2015 update about its chicken jerky investigation have anything to do with Milo's Kitchen® ?

No. The FDA's ongoing investigation is primarily focused on chicken jerky treats from China. Milo's Kitchen® products are proudly produced in the USA with 100% US-sourced chicken, beef, duck and sweet potato as the number one ingredient. In fact, Milo's Kitchen® does not source any ingredients from China.

How can I contact Milo's Kitchen, LLC if I have any additional questions about the products?

You may contact our Consumer Affairs team at 1-877-228-6493 or through our CONTACT US section of this website.

Where are Milo's Kitchen® dog treats made?

All of our high-quality treats are produced in the USA. We source 100% of our beef, chicken, duck, and sweet potato domestically, which allows us to ensure the highest standards of oversight and regular monitoring.

All major ingredients, including meats, proteins, grains and vegetables, come from the USA. Although, we source a limited amount of minor ingredients, such as preservatives, from other countries due to limited availability in the U.S or to U.S. suppliers, we do not source any of our ingredients from China.

What measures are taken to ensure quality and safety in the Milo's Kitchen® products?

Because we're also pet parents, the quality and safety of our products is foremost in our minds. We are committed to the well-being of pets and the people who love them, and that commitment is at the center of everything we do.

We are committed to going above and beyond regulatory requirements and constantly push ourselves to find ways to improve. Our products meet or exceed the applicable standards and specifications of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Our Quality Assurance Program is based upon standards compliant with the Global Food Safety Initiative.

In addition, we have reorganized our supply chain to ensure that our treats reach the highest standard in quality. That means our treats are produced entirely in the USA with 100% domestic beef, chicken, duck, and sweet potato as the number one ingredient.

Feeding Instructions And Nutrition

How much can I feed my dog?

As with any pet product labeled as a treat or snack, Milo's Kitchen® dog treats should not be substituted for a balanced diet, and treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog's caloric intake. We've placed feeding guidelines on each package that are based on your dog's weight and the average treat size. We strongly advise against exceeding these guidelines. Your dog's veterinarian can also provide guidance on how many calories your dog may consume daily.

Can I feed Milo's Kitchen® treats to my puppy or small dog?

Milo's Kitchen® home-style dog treats are fine for puppies and small dogs, and you can use the feeding guidelines on the package. As noted on the package, our Sweet Potato Slices are recommended for dogs over 10 lbs. As with any pet product labeled as a treat or snack, Milo's Kitchen® dog treats should not be substituted for a balanced diet, and treats should make up no more than 10% of your puppy or small dog's caloric intake. As you would with any new food or treat, keep a watchful eye on your dog as the new treat is enjoyed. For small dogs, or dogs with a tendency to gulp food without chewing, we recommend breaking or cutting the treats into smaller pieces.

What is the shelf life of Milo's Kitchen® treats?

The shelf life is 18 months from the date of production. The "Best if Used By" date will be listed on either the back or the bottom of the package.

We recommend that treats be used within 30 days of opening for maximum freshness.